Short interim post – Just how marginalized does the leopard have to become before people wake up?

It’s interesting that a prominent international news outlet used this image for news on the coronavirus. An outlet in China has been busted for selling ‘leopard steaks’ among other wildlife parts (UPDATE from EIA who followed up Chinese language reports and have informed us it was most likely leopard cat meat seized). Wildlife trade is a hot issue right now, it should have been a long time ago, the warnings have been clear.

Yesterday as I followed up on leopard skins seizures in Pakistan and another brutal retaliation killing of a leopard here in Nepal I again asked myself the question of just how marginalized and mistreated the leopard has to become before governments, major organizations and the public really wake up and show they care … right now it’s pointing to an overall lack of care with agendas I’m tired of talking about.

Nature evolved this animal to be the apex predator through much of its range. Poaching (parts used for decor, medicine and magic), trophy hunting (including members of the Trump family), habitat destruction and brutal retaliation killings stemming from human and leopard conflict are decimating leopard populations and adversely ecosystems.

And where is the real concern from the parties I’ve mentioned above?

I thank those who do care and do act with support, I mean real support, not the pseudo stuff that has noised up our world for no tangible result. Here on the ground, in a critical big cat area, we’ll continue to do our best using models we believe in because we know they work. We’ll continue to put pressure on those who have the resources to do more and should be doing more. We’ll continue to develop partnerships and support with those who really do care and understand how it is important it is to protect a top predator and its habitat.

A more specific blog post regarding prey species is due, I’ll time it for when the content additions at WildTiger are complete. In the meantime please help if you can, just contact me. Leopards are dying horrible deaths because of humans … we are all part of that one way or another.