As I trekked to the leopard refuge station I thought, yeah, we can win this thing…but only if wildlife becomes a global priority

First of all thank you for arriving at this page, it shows you care. Once again, this isn’t the post I had planned (and have drafted), that was more about the Leopard Refuge Station (LRS) itself, that will come soon because it is an example of how we can change the way we do things, for wildlife and ultimately for our own health.

I’m heading to the LRS again today and as our human world goes deeper into a crisis even the thoughts I had a couple of days ago as I trekked through the jungle need reappraising, such is the seriousness of the situation. There are solutions, there is hope but only the very naive by now will not understand there’s going to be a lot of hurt before we can breathe easy again. The frustration is the warning signs were there, the warnings were given but there’s no sense on dwelling on that, we must move forward.

And move forward we can, many are. As I trekked through the jungle the main question in my thinking was do people really understand why this is all happening? I’m fortunate in that for many years now I’ve communicated with fantastic, clever people who do understand and are doing their best for our planet. This keeps me going, inspires me, there are some truly dedicated, brilliant thinkers involved in environmental protection. As these blog posts progress I will talk about some of these people but now is not the time, now is all about the issues themselves and one of the most critical is our consumption and treatment of wildlife.

So for now I’m just going to leave you with the links to two papers lettered yesterday at SCIENCE MAGAZINE (I referenced these at my social media accounts as well). Please do read them. The little leopard I will go to shortly, a highly aggressive animal who (yes, ‘who’ not ‘which’ or ‘that’) sadly cannot be released due to extenuating circumstances, is also a very beautiful animal we are working towards giving the opportunity to be a powerful example of why we must change. If wildlife becomes a global priority ultimately our own species will be in much better shape…

Permanently ban wildlife consumption – Authors: Nian Yang1, Peng Liu1,2, Wenwen Li1, Li Zhang1,*

Wildlife consumption ban is insufficient – Authors: Hongxin Wang1,*, Junlin Shao1, Xi Luo2, Ziang Chuai1, Shengyue Xu1, Mingxia Geng3, Zhouyi Gao1

Lastly, just quickly, a poacher was shot dead yesterday here in Nepal, after an exchange of gunfire. The education regarding the importance of wildlife must be absolute and all embracing … starting at the mirrors we look into.