Quick update as #AntiSnare the focus

The predicted poaching spike with much of the world locked down during the pandemic has become an awful reality. At the moment here on the ground we’re very much focused on #AntiSnare which includes the use of LeopardEye as one of our main tools.

To be honest the levels of poaching/logging are even worse than we thought it would be, this has meant that everything else has had to go on the backburner but as I’ll explain when the time is right the monitoring of people and wildlife in key areas for coexistence strategy is unfortunately very much linked to understanding illegal activity in those places as well. We’re working hard in conjunction with authorities to combat the problem which is not easy as lockdown restrictions make logistics more difficult.

I’ll personally Tweet and post at Facebook at times as well but please follow our main Twitter feed @WildTigerNews

Perhaps this post at Facebook I made today sums up our general feeling during this time:

And appended today, 19 May 2020, as more reports come in:

Finally for now, appended 21 May 2020, as recent data tells us about some interesting big cat dispersal as nature has room to move during lockdown: