Coming soon – A preview to ‘The Importance of Leopards’ concept

Those who follow my social media platforms will have seen this disturbing image, one of many I’ve posted lately to get the point across that for the leopard in South Asia things are extremely bad in many places. This particular cat was the victim of a mob beating in a conflict situation in Kavre, Nepal, in February, a case I’m following up.

I quickly write this before I head out the door for more leopard work but in a few days I’ll give more details of ‘The Importance of Leopards’ concept, where it’s heading and how we have to reduce the killing of this species very quickly or we will suffer the consequences.

Perhaps we already are.

I don’t like posting these images but people need to understand what is going on. The amount of leopards dying, the way they are dying, the situation is not being taken seriously enough by many governments, many of the big conservation orgs and by the general public. This animal needs help. My own focus is very much on #AntiSnare at the moment and there will be more about that at WildTiger as we redefine in the covid-19 era.