ABOUT THESE POSTS … for an animal which has few dedicated to supporting it.

“The feline was moving round with a wire snare stuck on its neck and had severe injuries infested with maggots. The #leopard was removed from a pipe but died soon after.”

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t post every case, maybe 10%. This particular incident occurred yesterday in Maharashtra. Some reports come from media, some from private sources which for obvious reasons cannot go public immediately or for some time if there is an investigation. The posts I’ve made, particularly over the last few months, are representative of the overall situation. The short post I made yesterday demonstrates how we are killing the leopard – Appended to the bottom of ‘The leopard up against it like never before…’

Overall, this animal has very few champions supporting it. I don’t get emails saying “I want to help as much as possible, I want to devote my time to the leopard” but there are people who deeply care and within the wildlife protection networks I have there are some people who are extremely worried about the situation, they have a call of duty which is powerful. Right now that is what is being harnessed to protect what is possible. The carnage will continue however until wider society steps up and it may well be that our generations are seen in the future as people who didn’t do enough…

By the end of the month ‘Living with Big Cats’ and #AntiSnare will be in their next phases at wildtiger.org as will ‘The Importance of Leopards’ here at wildleopard.net which includes a lot of my own personal take on this. From jungle time on the ground to constant communication in the cloud I won’t stop fighting for this animal because sadly it has become a fight … against ignorance, apathy and cruelty.


KIDS LEARNING AND LEOPARD GUARDIANS… On a different but connected note, after a wet monsoon walk of a few kms I managed to get the next lot of lessons to Manju (Anjel) so she and Su Se La can work their magic with the kids in that village. So we’re slowly getting there and there is some feedback with people offering support. Because of everything that has happened we’ve set a new plan in place for the rest of 2020 and apart from the excellent structured lessons designed by Ashish and team we’re looking at agriculture training using modern techniques so the kids can take these ideas home plus the formation of the Leopard Guardians. This will be a squad of the students who have been part of the program since the beginning, they will understand everything that is going on with regard to the challenges for the leopard and wildlife. In many ways the Leopard Guardians will be ambassadors for a species which needs help. More on this soon and there will be updates at the Living with Big Cats Facebook page.

Appended 20 July 2020: