#Antisnare #leopard – A short note regarding dynamics of the snare crisis

Just a quick note on the #leopard which died of snare injuries and was found in Karnataka yesterday, it was dead when found, there was some initial confusion about this. Although snares are known to be set in the area around NTR targeting bushmeat it can never be ruled out that leopard was the target. This is where thorough investigation makes a big difference. If it can be ascertained the snare was set on a regular leopard path then the thinking around the poaching incident has to move away from just a bushmeat case. As I’ve mentioned before we don’t post every incident, there’s too many plus some need to be kept out of media/social media. These posts are simply so people can understand the dynamics. These are tough times and bushmeat while being a direct food source for some is also a business. Collateral catch of leopard or high value (black market) wildlife is a serious side effect.

Later this month we’ll have a comprehensive overview of the situation at WildTiger, for now you can read previous posts at this site to get some understanding.