When does human -wildlife conflict become crime?

So when do human-wildlife conflict incidents become crime? In following up on cases/incidents this becomes a key question. Based on 2019-20 (to date) single leopard body parts seizures across India and Nepal indicate a leopard death just over every two days. Obviously the real poaching intensity is much higher as seizures are only an indicator and then needs to be added collateral catch (leopards caught in snares set for wild meat species such as deer and boar) plus retaliation kills which are part of human-wildlife conflict which is when the situation becomes grey. This issue is part of what will be in the ‘Living with Big Cats’ and #AntiSnare updates at WildTiger next month, it’s importance with regard to tolerance levels, coexistence strategies, law (policy), investigation and judiciary cannot be underplayed. The link to the article ‘Levels of conflict over wildlife: Understanding and addressing the right problem’ is HERE.