Big cat kids to help an orca return home

Thank you for reading this and please do watch the video as well. At a time when wildlife is under such incredible pressure because of human actions this project is making a powerful statement.

A few days ago my friends Jeff and Katy, whale conservationists who do their work with incredible dedication and passion, contacted me about an orca whose real name is Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut. The video tells the basic story and there’s been updates which we will bring soon.

Essentially Jeff and Katy asked if we would like to be involved by having the wildlife kids perform a ceremony to help make sure Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut is returned to where this magnificent orca should be. Of course we said yes and we are honoured to be part of this. The Lummi tribe have a deep spiritual connection to orcas, they are family and in many ways this is the same message we are communicating to the kids here in Bardia, that these very special wild animals, leopard, tiger, rhino, elephant, all of them are part of our family.

The ceremony takes place on 24 September. I deeply believe that the return of Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut to the place of family is incredibly important at a time where every single one of us has to examine our treatment of wildlife, our connection to nature and our questioning of our own individual spirit so as to realign and do the right thing…

More to come on this before the ceremony. Please now watch the video.