Caught in a snare, who does really care?

So in the short few hours since I posted on other platforms re a tiger killed in a snare plus a leopard poaching case, two more incident reports have come through. 2 leopard skins were seized in Chhattisgarh and in reference to the image, a leopard was caught in a snare in Odisha. In that incident the cat ripped itself free during the stress as a crowd gathered and later a forest official was injured and hospitalized during the attempt to catch the leopard which naturally was in a traumatic state.
I come from a province which was the first in the world to give a protected area the same rights as a human being. On the island, Te Ika a Maui, we now have a large forest area, a mountain in another zone as well as a river all with the same status with more to come. The people involved in this take the care of nature incredibly seriously. I work alongside people across the world involved in counter poaching/trafficking of wildlife who also have that same level of dedication and I know that there are people reading this who also really care. The problem is it’s a tiny minority group when it comes to real action and support because there’s absolutely no doubt that if the level of care was greater then we as a species would be doing much, much better when it comes to this and so many environmental issues. I thank those who do care enough to actively support, you make a difference. The world needs more of that and the leopard is a prime example. As I mentioned, more on #AntiSnare next month.