Coexistence guidelines as human – big cat conflict continues

There’s more details re the guidelines at WildTiger but with 2 children killed by leopard in the last few days in Katarniaghat it brings the human fatality toll in the Bardiya/Banke/Katarniaghat area to 30 since the start of 2019.

There’s been a lot of misinformation on media and social media but 3 tigers have been captured for holding, one of which has escaped.

We’ll have an update at WildTiger in early April but for me personally, the frustrating thing is that, as I’ve mentioned many times before, so many of these deaths could have been prevented if people had modified their behaviour and adhered to guidelines which have been recommended for some time now. We’re busy distributing guidelines in the area including to schools, I strongly feel this is the best approach, children are strong messengers. I’ll have more on that in the blog post I make in a few days about a leopard called ‘The Boss’ but a recent fatality where a woman was killed by a tiger in an area I know very well was especially frustrating as for more than 2 years we had been giving warnings, sent in reports and generally tried to get people to understand that fatalities were inevitable unless there was human behaviour change. All we can hope now is that people do understand, it’s sad that people have to die before that happens.

Appended later in the day:

Sushila and the team give guidelines out at schools as WildTiger and CBAPU (Community Based Anti Poaching Unit) coordinate with school principals in highly affected areas.

So to continue the post, that’s Hemanta explaining the guidelines and a section of one of the communities as we continue communications in different hotspots. Like I’ve said, coexistence isn’t rocket science, it just needs cooperation, common sense and care but above all the understanding that it is people’s behaviour which must change. More on the whole situation soon.

So finally today in this episode of #junglelife, someone turned 9 years old. Ridam is my leopard conservation buddy, she speaks 3 languages and yeah, she cares about what is happening to leopards. The birthday was such a nice quiet, peaceful passing round of fruit, Ridam preparing Tika for her family and of course the cake made by internationally famous cake, coffee and ice cream maker, Ramesh, the pride of Thakurdwara. Anyway, the little Tharu birthday capped off a day which was very much about people and coexistence because it doesn’t matter how many cameras are set, how many pug marks are found or how many tourist jeeps go into the national park looking for tigers, we must make this thing people centric where locals are given every opportunity to learn and be safe with the big cats and other wild animals here.