From the jungle, happy Holi, happy coexistence

Tigers aren’t Hindu, last night one attacked a cow close by where this picture was taken, we’ll work on getting ID of that cat but another incident early this morning where a man (badly injured but ok) was attacked by tiger in many ways sums things up. The man went into the forest too early, it was still tiger time and the result was conflict. We’ve been really busy getting coexistence guidelines out, the attack was another example as I alluded to yesterday in a post, of someone operating outside that thinking. We have to reduce that, education, education, education is the key. I really hope there are no more fatalities this year, it’s been a difficult time, I believe we can do it, it’s very much about people buying into the process of doing the right thing and while it will never be perfect, it can be a case of Happy Coexistence.