Welcome to wildleopard.net which is the online platform for the WildTiger initiative ‘Living with Leopards’ (LwL).

1 August 2019 – This website is now in its first phase as Living with Leopards and content will be added through August and September 2019 with regular updates to follow.  In the meantime read below and go through our menu to get an idea of what we do.

‘Living with Leopards’ is primrily focused on improving coexistence between people and wildlife.  Look through the menu above, we suspect many of you have arrived here because you know of our successful program in west Nepal where children are being taught about wildlife and coexistence.

‘Living with Leopards’ early learners classes in west Nepal

wildleopard.net is constantly evolving, please visit us again soon and be alerted of updates and other news by our Twitter feed and our Facebook page.

To understand more about our work in rescue and anti poaching/trafficking go to WildTiger.