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Coexistence with wildlife is fundamental to humanity.  Coexisting with big cats is one of the great conservation and social challenges of the 21st Century.

11 November 2019 Important Notice – A spate of human fatalities resulting from conflict with tiger and leopard along the latitudinal belt of western Nepal through northern Indian States (especially Uttarakhand) has highlighted the issue of increased firewood collection during colder months increasing risk.

We’re active in the field (using LeopardEye as well as the COEXISTENCE TEAM giving guidelines) and we are also working on guidelines online (see menu and further down this page) but key points are:

  • Do not collect firewood and grass alone. Work in groups.
  • Do not enter the forest in early morning or late afternoon.  Between 10am and 3pm is recommended for collection.
  • All information of recent big cat activity in firewood/grass collection areas NEEDS to be taken as a STRONG MESSAGE to stay away from those areas

Thanks for visiting Living with Big Cats.  Please note: As of 12 October 2019 wildtiger.org is parked at wildleopard.net.  Elements of this site including Coexistence Guidelines are currently being translated into Nepali language.


Please go through the menu to get an understanding of our work and you can also get updates and thoughts at the Jack Kinross Blog.

‘Living with Big Cats’ is primarily focused on improving coexistence between people and wildlife.  Since late 2018 we have added an educational aspect to our work including a  successful program in west Nepal where children are being taught about wildlife and coexistence.

‘Living with Big Cats’ early learners classes in west Nepal

Also at this site is information about our work regarding rescue and rehabilitation of big cats including our release strategy ‘Ecosystem Reboot’ which you can link to HERE.

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