Quick update – thanks for the messages

Just a quick hello and thanks for the many messages of late.  I’m well behind in replies, I have to prioritize at the moment, there’s a lot going on and not just here in Nepal (more detailed updates on our other projects outside Nepal in the new year) where I’m currently based.  As everyone knows, the leopard and wildlife in general are in the midst of great challenges, due to the human factor.  As someone who spends most of his days (and often nights!) doing his best to see things through the eyes of wildlife, these challenges can be confronting.

I’m still a few days away from getting to the mountain area you see in the image.  Leopards live there.  Right now here on the Terai I’m readying things for the next stage of the rehabilitation of the leopard Dipnani.  She is an important cat because her situation is allowing the furthering of progress achieved with other leopards.  Reintroducing leopards back into the wild in a way that is fair to the cats and everyone/everything involved with the aim of rebuilding ecosystems is a huge challenge.  I thank those who have followed these blogs and updates on different platforms over the years, I’ve done my best to be very clear in the challenges for this marginalized and misunderstood species.

All going well I’ll have a more detailed project update around the time of the new year.  Aside from everything else there are meetings coming up with good people who make sacrifices.  I thank those who support in any way, especially of late.  2017 has not been easy, 2018 looks to have huge challenges as well.  But every effort is worth it.  Cheers Jack.

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