Tracking “Ghatghuri” – Leopard behaviour change has to be taken seriously

This is just an a quick interim post, I’ll have a more comprehensive project update soon.  A lot going on in “Leopard Land” within the realms of #Coexistence, #rehabilitation and #AntiTrafficking/poaching.

At my Facebook page I’ve made recent reference to an attack by a leopard in our area.  The last few days have been spent understanding the situation, and making people aware (sensitizing re safety measures).  Those who follow our Twitter platforms (particularly @WildTigerNews) will know that attacks in south Asia are increasing. There are a whole set of dynamics involved, there’s a lot of information and rhetoric out there but there is also a lack of action and good procedure in many places.  A key to all this is to take nothing for granted, especially the fact that leopards can and do attack during the day.  Just yesterday another child was taken in broad daylight in India, one of two fatalities in a 3km radius that day.

Leopard conservation is very much about balance and fairness to both parties.  I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, if people are safe and give leopards less opportunity to attack, the right ecological implementations are made and apathy is not allowed to sink in, then tragedy followed by retaliation is far less likely.

The word “Ghatghuri” is one of the words for leopard in the local Tharu dialect (Thanks Sita and Ridem).  Another Tharu word for the species is Hunrra and in Nepali it is Chituwa.  Many people use the word “tiger” for leopard is well.  In many ways this just shows it doesn’t matter what panthera pardus fusca is called, it is how we take measures to live with this amazing predator.  I’ll have more on the strategies being used and other developments soon.  I thank those who care about this situation.  I’, quite a way behind in replies to messages etc, I’ll get there, as I started with, there’s a lot going on…

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