Interim Update – More Seizures, Poaching Crisis

A leopard skin seized by the Metropolitan Crime Division, Teku, Kathmandu, on Friday, January 19, 2018. Photo: MCD

Since the update a couple of days ago there’s been yet more seizures in south Asia including here in Nepal.

Seizures offer no joy.  It’s like arresting a terrorist after the attack, the damage has been done.

So just to quickly update, I’m arranging with military to increase security in the leopard Dipnani’s area.  This anti-poaching unit is fully armed, woe betide anyone who does the wrong thing.

Apart from that it’s all hands on deck.  As I mentioned in the previous update I’ll be in the capital briefly to further things regarding the leopard getting full protection status.  To increase emphasis on anti-poaching outside protected areas and to enforce stiffer penalties, full protection status is vital.

However that will be a hard hit and run exercise, it will take time.  Most important right now is to be in the field, on the ground where protection for the world’s most marginalized and persecuted big cat is needed.

For this immediate period coming up we’ll limit social media updates to the new Twitter feed for the Leopard Task Force @LeopardLives and there’ll be updates here when possible.

All indications are this is a deadly serious poaching spike but it’s impossible to know the amounts of leopard skins and other body parts getting past the system.  Seizures or not it all amounts to dead leopards, more carnage for a species declining in numbers.

Please help if you can.  The leopard is simply not getting enough support from those outside the people fighting for its protection.

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