Tough gig but passionate people getting involved

Another finish well after 2am and I have to be up again in a few hours. The difficulty of getting support for the #leopard born through again, oh for a dollar for every promise. I’m talking about the species as a whole, not just our circumstances here but as a colleague said today, the lack of support compared to the icon species of tiger, rhino, elephant etc is pathetic. But that’s where I draw strength as strong, passionate, talented and dedicated people get involved, more on that soon.  I’ll have a project update in a few days, the leopard Dipnani is doing well and it’ll explain how people can become a Leopard Warrior. Right now though, focus switches back to the disgusting scourge that is the leopard skin trade, both “legal” and illegal.  Amendments to protection status will help but this battle is being fought in other ways too…the ground can be a messy place. A seizure and arrest in Thailand of a noted businessman because of poaching was tweeted at @WildTigerNews  yesterday, the skin of a black (melanistic) leopard was among the wildlife body parts. This just shows, once again, the extent of the problem, it’s just one of many cases throughout the leopard’s range.

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