Message only as strong as the action it provokes. Graphic images as the conflict continues

I was still working early this morning when I got sent a link at ETV Bangla, it showed graphic video of yet another leopard being beaten to death by an angry mob.  Since my last post a few days ago, another little boy has been taken by leopard, this time in a neighbouring district.  Images of the child’s half eaten body (just like the case before) did the rounds on mainstream and social media.

It’s not necessary, it’s disrespectful to all parties involved.  Personal and Organization agendas are involved, I don’t like it, I don’t condone it.  In many ways constant “awareness” is a cop out for real action, for genuine support, not just empty promises and noise.  Those of us on the ground often wonder just how much awareness people need.

Our own mandate now is getting the message to the right people, those who will truly support and not just talk about it.  I want to thank the Environment Protection Authority of NSW for hosting WildTiger in a keynote address.  Pragati did a fantastic job on site and the wonders of modern technology meant I was able to commentate live on video footage and answer questions from a link up here in Nepal.  There’s several people to thank, more about that in an upcoming project report but a big rap to Prajwol and Ashok who both went beyond the call.  ECOSYSTEM REBOOT was part of the title, more on that soon, we are going to continue using this type of  platform.

I’m busy finalizing a thick document which will be accompanied by a presentation to the right people, an action plan regarding leopard rehabilitation, coexistence and the wildlife crime aspect.  I’m combining field work at the same time, I’m not much good at being at a desk for long periods, in our world of noise, I like to be getting things done in the jungle, mountain or lowland.  Getting the message to the right people is fundamental though, followed by driving the action.

But there’s too much noise not creating action.  Living with a leopard in the Himalaya, we’d listen to the birds, the jungle, the mountain, real messages which told real stories, so that survival could continue.

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