Dynamic processes needed for a misunderstood species

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Watch to the end of the clip, you can see and hear close up the frustration of the situation, the taunting of the leopard by the monkeys (sorry about the quality, it was a low light day and difficult to focus).  This is one of many such situations I’ve witnessed, filmed and photographed.  It’s not easy being a leopard.

This next clip was shown by media, an incident on Friday, more trouble for a leopard, this time involving a different primate species, us.

Two meetings with individuals today were insightful and progressive.  They were solution based.  We talked of the dynamic approaches required.  I’ll have more in a full update in a week or so but Professor Tej Thapa, spoke of the serious misunderstanding of the species being a barrier to effective leopard conservation.  I found myself nodding vigorously at his words but Tej quickly pinpointed where we can improve our knowledge.

Earlier Dibesh Karmacharya spoke of a holistic approach particularly with regard to alternative income streams where poaching is a factor but also where human and leopard (plus other wildlife species) conflict affects livelihood.  A dynamic business approach has its place in this type of solution model.

As I say I will enlarge in the full update but it was a pleasure to spend time with both men because like them I really believe in positive outcomes provided there is the right resource allocation.  Passion for the subject matter was abundant in both meetings.

But that’s the “if” … as I’ve mentioned before there is the talent and smarts to really improve the situation, there is already incremental progress… it now needs key stakeholders to get on board, invest in the process and make a difference.

I’ll say it again, the clock is ticking, there’s no time to waste, the time is now.