Coexistence and Rehabilitation Progress but Wildlife Crime a massive issue for the Leopard

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As leopard skin (and other leopard body parts) seizures continue from West Africa to South and South East Asia, poaching remains a huge problem throughout most areas of the leopard’s range.  Although it’s good to be able to report progress in rehabilitation and coexistence (however still many challenges), the wildlife crime aspect does not make good reading for one of the world’s most persecuted and marginalized animals.

We’ll have a more detailed project update soon (as we finish streamlining our online platforms) including progress on LeopardEye, the technology testing that keeps me in the forest a lot but doesn’t hide me from the plight of the leopard as case analysis and database building continues the rest of the time.  Don’t forget to follow @WildTigerNews and the WildTiger site as Pragati continues her investigations.  We collaborate with several orgs and agencies, both gov and non gov, on wildlife crime issues, it truly has become a massive challenge.