Quick comment before next project update

By Jack Kinross

ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT – THE IMPORTANCE OF THE #LEOPARD… For all the problems, there is hope because there are some damn good people making real efforts, often at considerable sacrifice. I think what is lost on others is the sheer importance of the leopard in its role in the ecosystem way beyond protected areas. As the species specific approach on fragmented protected areas more and more shows pitfalls the concept of a more holistic strategy is gaining traction. This is where the leopard enters the fray. The leopard has an overall role far beyond many of the well supported icon species. For support people have to think “ecology” rather than cute baby animal and tourism sector dynamics, once this happens then conservation efforts can be far wider reaching. More on this in the next project update which will be later this month.  Please refer to the links in the previous post.

My best to all who care about this situation and making contact to get involved.