Interim Post – Elephants are on our agenda too

A quick post before our next main update in mid August.  Our hard working elephant gear guru Bernd Hirthe has just updated as below:

‘Provided already 70 high lumen, strobe light LED torches with rechargeable batteries to farmers in the south part of the buffer zone around Bardia National Park, West Nepal. These torches help farmers to deter elephants that destroy their crops and homes without comming to close to them. 60 more will be provided in September 2018.
As part of this project 105 mobiles were also provided (early warning system). 35 more mobiles will be distributed by the end of 2018.
Many thanks to Jack KinrossNirajan ChhetriBhawany Kandel BabaAnjel MöhäJiban Acharya and other helping hands in Bardia and to the many supporting friends here in Germany.’

Bernd does an incredible job and although he travels to Nepal regularly he is living proof that so much can be done outside the country.  We have dedicated, hard working people on the ground here in Nepal, we need more people beyond the borders to get behind what we do.

More on “Striving to Live Peacefully with Elephants” from the Tools and Strategies section in the menu.