Human – Leopard Conflict: The sensitive subject of child fatalities

This is an interim update which will lead in to a more detailed post about how forensic data analysis can help mitigate human – leopard conflict.  The reason for the delay is that the LTF has been asked to help in a serious situation where a disturbing amount of children have been killed by leopard in central Nepal in recent times.

We felt it was appropriate to explain the strategies we’re using once we’ve completed Phase 1 in the field in the highly affected area.  Prajwol Manandhar and a team of wildlife geneticists are doing invaluable work in developing leopard DNA protocols at the CMDN lab in Kathmandu. This will greatly assist in the mitigation of this situation.  Jack Kinross will lead the initial investigation (leopard behavior) with assistance in the field from paramedic Surendra Acharya (case study interviews).  The team will deploy tactics using LeopardEye.

Human fatalities, especially children, in these situations is an extremely sensitive topic.  Accuracy of data in remote areas under these circumstances is often difficult to attain.  The LTF has a philosophy of deep respect for those involved and we only publish information where appropriate in accordance with that respect.