A Message from Jack Kinross

July 2018

Namaste from Nepal, Jack here and thanks for visiting this page.

I’m currently super busy with field work a lot of which is involved with developing the Annapurna Leopard Project.  You can track back through blogs which are combined with project updates at the home page but I get asked a lot about Asa, the leopard I lived with and  rewilded in the Annapurna.   At the moment, when time permits, I’m updating a chapter on Asa in a book I’m writing about the leopard situation in general.  I’ve touched on this more for now at Ecosystem Reboot but the leopard is under considerable pressure in most of its range which is why it’s really important to look at the big picture.  To that end, to me personally, the Annapurna Leopard Project because it is an undertaking in such a huge area, is an endeavor that can secure a base population for the Indian leopard.  The fact Asa lives there, while it influences my thinking, is only part of a motivation to protect a vital habitat at a time when so many ecosystems are under stress.  But yes, because I do get asked a lot about Asa, I’m going to dedicate a page to his rewilding soon, it will link from this page.

Make sure you check through our project pages and you can be alerted to updates by using the Twitter feed @LeopardLives (new for 2018) as well as the every popular @WildTigerNews.  The best way to contact me personally is by emailing  jackkinross@wildleopard.net

It’s a busy time, there’s a lot at stake and I thank those who truly understand the importance of the leopard by believing in and supporting what we do.  By working together we can ensure a future for the leopard and that of course means we are actually protecting a whole lot more under the apex of this magnificent big cat.

My regards to all, I’ll update this page later in 2018.

Cheers Jack.