About WildTiger and Contact

Founded in 2007 as a vehicle primarily for environmental research with a small client base WildTiger then went through an evolution in 2010 (the most recent Year of the Tiger) as we moved into project development.  Our full name, WildTiger Conservation Research and Development, was born at that stage and in late 2013 we altered our structure to become a Private Sector Organization  with the aim of connecting to dynamic partners both in the private and public sectors.

In January 2019 WildTiger became an entity of Human & Wildlife Protection Systems (HWP) with registration undergoing at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ABN 13817104075).  This is part of a restructuring due to be completed in mid 2020 which includes of the formation of WildTiger Nepal.

For all Inquiries please email projects@wildtiger.org

Our evolution will never stop, our commitment to improving coexistence between the key elements of people, wildlife and habitat will never cease.

Many thanks to those who have followed and supported our work at WildTiger as we increase our capacity to deal with the serious challenges facing wildlife with new collaborations and evolving strategies.  Keep checking this site and/or be notified at our popular Twitter site @WildTigerNews

Comment from WildTiger Coordinator Jack Kinross:

Wildlife is under siege.  Recent findings from our frontline work as well as information flow with organizations and agencies we collaborate with indicate a disturbing increase in illegal wildlife trade and retaliation killings (the two are  often linked) in human-wildlife conflict situations.

While our focus is on big cat conservation, particularly leopard (panthera pardus), WildTiger is essentially concerned with saving lives of wildlife and of the people living in highly affected areas.

Our online information reflects our ongoing evolution and once again our sincere thanks to those who support, you make a difference but we must continue and more strongly, the fight has got harder.

I want to thank those who have read my blogs and posts on various platforms these last few years.  In line with the changes we’re making I’ve started a new title “Fighting for the Leopard” which is based at this site and linked from others.

My regards to all in the quest to protect wildlife,