Coexistence Strategies, Team Updates and link to Guidelines

Guidelines as to what to do to reduce human and big cat (leopard and tiger) conflict can be seen HERE.  Read below to understand other aspects of our mitigation work.

Included in our methodology is the use of LeopardEye, a WildTiger initiative, more details HERE.

Quick link to Coexistence Team Updates.

Read below for an overview on strategies, implementation and other information:

Coexistence Team

WildTiger has assisted in different locations to monitor conflict leopards and tigers. Working with local authorities, communities and Rapid Response Teams (RRT) we are constantly developing strategies based on case by case dynamics.

Our Coexistence Team in Bardia National Park, west Nepal, comprises community conservationists who have in depth local knowledge.

15 Nov – This section is currently being updated as the Coexistence Team operates in the Bardia/Banke/Kata area of west Nepal/northern India where there has been a series of human fatalities due to conflict with tigers.  Please refer to the Coexistence Team Update Page.

 Su Se La

Su Se La is a Bardia born and bred naturalist who coordinates communication in human and big cat conflict highly affected areas.  Responsible for information that can save lives on both sides, Su Se La also makes communities aware of their rights and responsibilities and acts as a mediator between communities and authorities.  Su Se La also plays an important role as a trainer in the Early Learners Program.


Manju is the CBAPU (Community Based Anti Poaching Unit) leader in the Hatisar area of Bardia and plays a leading role in the Early Learners Program as well as making sure the right information is communicated in first response to incidents.  Manju is, like all the team, passionate about wildlife, her community and the importance of coexistence for the health of both people and wild animals.


Nirajan is a local CBAPU and RRT (Rapid Response Team) leader who has a chief role in the Coexistence Team of applying technology in times of critical response as well as coordinating ongoing monitoring.  Nirajan is constantly upskilling in the use of LeopardEye and works closely with local authorities in conflict situations including anti – poaching.


Khem is local businessman in the Thakubaba area and is responsible for Coexistence Team logistics including the often complicated task of arranging and facilitating travel to isolated areas where serious conflict has taken place.  With his in depth local knowledge and organizational skills, Khem has become a key member of the team.  His family, the Dakhals, have been major supporters of WildTiger’s work especially in leopard rehabilitation.


The team works alongside WildTiger coordinator, Jack, he has a long association with the western Nepal area, taking part in many projects.  His main role with the Coexistence Team is facilitating best practice and ensuring support.  Jack is still active on the ground and is passionate about big cat conservation, understanding that balanced coexistence is the key to progress and stability.

Human – Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

15 Nov – This section is currently being updated as the Coexistence Team operates in the Bardia/Banke/Kata area of west Nepal/northern India where there has been a series of human fatalities due to conflict with tigers.  For now please refer to the Coexistence Team Update Page.

As part of our coexistence strategy WildTiger has implemented early warning systems using mass SMS send outs.  In the buffer zone of Bardia National Park (West Nepal) we handed out over 300 mobile phones and training to facilitate better communications when wild elephants and leopards were known to be in village areas.  A big thanks to Bernd Hirthe who researched and provided over 400 flashlights which have helped enable increased safety for people in highly affected areas.  The strobe setting was tested successfully by Jack Kinross to deter leopards.  These flashlights have been distributed in highly affected areas through Bardia and Arghakhanchi.  Bernd will continue to assist WildTiger with regard to mitigating conflict with big cats and he will also collaborate with Ujalo Nepal regarding human – elephant conflict mitigation.

Bernd has an association with Bardia National Park spanning two decades.  He has become an integral part of our team with his selfless commitment when he is both in Nepal and back in Germany.

Bernd continues to research and source flashlights which have proved successful in these mitigation efforts.  To find out more please email

Our wildlife classes being conducted in west Nepal are proving a huge success.

More HERE about these fantastic classes being taken by the WildTiger Sisters.

WildTiger works closely with Prajwol Manandhar  as he leads the  Kathmandu Leopard Project. 

Prajwol has been at the forefront in developing leopard DNA fingerprinting which has already helped in the first confirmed identification of a captured leopard involved in human fatalities in central Nepal.  This match up was a major breakthrough in human – leopard conflict mitigation and was a Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) combined initiative with WildTiger.

In the latter part of 2019 we’ll bring more information on specific cases where our strategies have been operating.