Day of the Leopard – The Quest for Full Protection Status

A priority focus for the Leopard Task Force (LTF) is to get the Indian Leopard (panthera pardus fusca) added to the Protected Species List in Nepal.

Leopards in Nepal are under increasing pressure.  Conflict between humans and leopards due to prey reduction and habitat encroachment plus the ongoing threat of poaching are contributing factors to a decreasing leopard population.  Another factor putting pressure on the leopard is an increasing tiger population which while in itself is a conservation success it is also resulting in challenges regarding human-wildlife conflict.

The LTF is in dialogue with Nepal Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation officials regarding the protection status of the leopard.  We are currently preparing a document so as to further discussion with a view to an action plan as soon as possible.  The addition of the leopard to Protected Species List would mean increased conservation emphasis and allocation of resources to deal with the issues as described above.

We are hoping that addition to the list will be recognized with the Day of the Leopard.  We took the decision to work towards this outcome instead of an earlier plan to hold an International Day of the Leopard.  This was out of respect for those working towards increased protection status for the leopard in Nepal within both government and non-government sectors.

The future of the Indian leopard in Nepal will be greatly enhanced once the species is added to the Protected Species List.  We’ll update this page as progress continues.