Jack Kinross Blog & Project Updates

Hi Jack here, many thanks for connecting with me and for visiting our site in general.  I’m now updating projects from a page here at wildleopard.net:

“Project Updates” from Jack

The blog site I was using prior to this was:


and maybe we’ve connected at Facebook or Twitter, whatever the reason you are here I thank you for your interest.

My life is pretty much totally dedicated to the conservation of panthera pardus, the leopard. Currently I’m based in Nepal working on projects with regard to coexistence, rehabilitation and anti-trafficking.

Another major part of my work is the process of getting full protection status for the leopard here in Nepal. You can contact me directly at jk@wildtiger.org but please understand I am often in the field and it may be a while before I get back to you.

My thanks to all who care about wildlife issues and support our work.  You can get involved and help us out HERE.

Cheers Jack