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“When I’m not in the jungle I’m often writing.  Usually I’m writing about the jungle”

Below is the panel containing posts for my blog page ‘Fighting for the Leopard’ which you can either read here or if you are Facebook user can directly connect HERE.  Below the panel is an overview of my blog.

Many thanks to those who have followed my blogs over the years. When I’m not in the jungle I’m usually either wading through data or writing.  From mid October 2019 I’m basing the blog here at Living with Big Cats and linking them from ‘Fighting for the Leopard’ at Facebook (if you wish to comment) and my Twitter feed @JackKinross.  

While the blog (like my work) has a focus on the most neglected and persecuted of the big cats, the leopard (a seriously marginalized species globally but particularly here in South Asia), it’s also about how we have to be more of a helping hand to wildlife in general.  While I’m involved in various aspects of wildlife conservation I currently have a strong emphasis on our anti-snare work which includes the development of our system LeopardEye which has strong applications for both coexistence (human and wildlife conflict mitigation) and anti-poaching.  Many people contact me about our rehabilitation work especially with regard to Asa, the Leopard of Hope.  At the appropriate time I will tell more of that story but right now the safety and security of leopards, other big cats and wildlife in general here in South Asia is paramount and what we are all about as a team.  Regarding the rehab issue, another important part of my own focus is the establishment of a Leopard Refuge (we already have built a rehab station here in Bardia), this falls in line with Ecosystem Reboot.  For more information you can contact me via email HERE.

Once again many thanks to those who have read these posts over the years.  I’m preparing an archive of previous blogs including TigerTrek, Jungle to the Sky and The Asa Diaries.

My regards to all who follow and support our work.

Cheers Jack.