LeopardEye – Non-Invasive Monitoring of Wildlife & Humans

LeopardEye is a WildTiger initiative  providing valuable data.  It has a wide range of applications including tracking of conflict animals and anti-poaching.

LeopardEye involves non-invasive strategies including technology and scientific research.

Included in LeopardEye:

  • Remote cameras “talking” to each other daisy chaining data to a base station.  It has a wide range of applications including tracking of conflict animals and anti-poaching.  This is done through both hi tech equipment and highly trained human resource.  LeopardEye has played its role in arrests and convictions of people involved in environmental crime.  LeopardCam is part of the developing LeopardEye system and we are thankful for the support of Pro’sChoice as the advances in technology increase our capacity.
  • Wildlife forensic science is another developing component for LeopardEye.  The ability to use genetic analysis is a tool seen as vital in identifying conflict leopards as well as combating wildlife crime.  The LTF is collaborating with the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal in this important component

  • Micro GPS tracking equipment for wildlife is another component of LeopardEye.  We maintain the philosophy of as close to zero as possible hindrance to wildlife with regard to the fitting of tracking devices.  Lightweight systems with drop off capacity are tools successfully monitoring conflict and rehabilitated leopards.  The LTF is also adamant about entering into agreements regarding information flow which means the security and safety of the leopards involved is high priority.  We are currently working with technology partners to further develop lightweight non-invasive equipment.