LTF Africa

The Leopard Task Force (LTF) is currently researching the effects of the trophy hunting of leopards in Namibia before continuing into other African States where trophy hunting still exists.

Trophy hunting of wildlife, particularly in African countries is a polarizing topic.  Recent scientific research has indicated the activity is having a detrimental effect on endangered species populations, including the African leopard.  South Africa banned the trophy hunting of leopards for 2016 and extended the ban for 2017 due to serious concerns about the effects of the activity on leopard populations. The trophy hunting of leopards continues in Namibia and LTF research into the activity has been requested by a private client.

Please note that the Leopard Task Force does not in any way endorse the trophy hunting of leopards and we have been vocal in our opposition to the activity.  This research project will precede further opposition to leopard trophy hunting.