Where We Work

15 Nov – This section is currently being updated as the Coexistence Team operates in the Bardia/Banke/Katar area of west Nepal/northern India where there has been a series of human fatalities due to conflict with tigers.  For now please refer to the Coexistence Team Update Page.

The region includes the protected areas of Bardia National Park, Banke National Park and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.  There are in excess of 200 big cats (tigers and leopards) in the region making it an important location for base populations of these species.

Developing and implementing coexistence strategies both in response to serious conflict incidents and on a proactive preventative level is fundamental for the future of wildlife in the region.  WildTiger is in constant dialogue with authorities in other highly affected areas, we do outreach where appropriate and also provide consultation regarding our strategies.  For more information contact info@wildtiger.org