Mission Leopard with Jack Kinross

Coming soon – “Leopards in my life”

Jack here, my thanks for arriving at Mission Leopard. I’m the coordinator at WildTiger where improved human-wildlife coexistence is the goal and our key tool is LeopardEye. Mission Leopard is the place where I give my personal take on what is happening with outlines of some our project work regarding big cats, wildlife in general, the people living in challenging coexistence locations … and especially the animal close to my heart, the leopard.

This site is now in republishing phase and I invite you back to see additional content through April and beyond. You can get email newsletters from my Substack where you can subscribe for free or become a Supporting Subscriber which mean you’ll be making a difference by helping get LeopardEye on to the ground thus saving lives of both people and wildlife. Content additions here at the site will be notified through the newsletters at my Substack as well as my social sites Facebook, Instagram and X. You can also got through the menu to find out more about the leopard.

There’s also my YouTube Channel which has news including our two model zones for the use of LeopardEye under the headings of the Sacred Valley Concept and the Leopards of Bardiya. Below is the latest clip about Bindapur, a small village located in the Bardiya National Park buffer zone in west Nepal.