Be Informed, Be Involved, Give a Little Help

Thank you for visiting this page whether it be by the menu or through our parent body, WildTiger. This is the place you can start or strengthen your connection with Mission Leopard. Read on to help…

We’d also really appreciate you staying informed, another simple process where you can receive news snippets from Coordinator Jack Kinross sent to your email address or if you prefer, to your WhatsApp or Signal app address. Simply fill out the form at the link below and Jack will be in touch, it’s just short bytes of information beyond what is here at the site or on social media, conveyed with a personal touch.

Go to the form HERE

There’s a very easy way to give support is to go HERE, by purchasing any of an array of images (or simply making a contribution) you make a difference.

We’d also love to see you in India or Nepal. If you are considering a trek or a jungle visit please be in touch, we can help and who knows, maybe you’d like to help with some project work. The X page @TrekkingTiger will also give some options for trekking in the Sacred Valley Concept area. Just email or contact Jack using your snippet connection.