Help by becoming a Supporting Subscriber

This is a way to truly make a difference. We’re currently streamlining the subscriber process but in the meantime simply go to my Substack HERE (if you haven’t already) sign up to a free subscription then email me at to say hello and let me know you’d like to upgrade by becoming a Supporting Subscriber because I do want to meet you (such as it is!) as my goal is to engage with people directly, build trust and work together to improve coexistence. We can work out the best way you can contribute, there’s options where the fees are low meaning valuable funds get where they need to go, into saving lives. There’s flexibility in how financial support can work but a yearly subscription of 50 dollars, roughly the same as two cups of coffee a month, makes a difference, it helps saves lives of both people and wildlife.

Supporting Subscribers receive extra news and benefits, some cool stuff including exclusive wildlife footage and the knowledge that the help being given makes a real difference. (PLEASE NOTE: If you’d prefer an alternative to email to receive your newsletters, such as Signal or WhatsApp, please let me know).

My thanks,