March/April 2023 (Abbreviated Summary) – Continued killings of leopard and the threat of canine distemper virus

4 April 2023

I have to delay the due update a few days, a whole spate of recent killings of panthera pardus fusca in different parts of the sub species range are relevant. There’ll be footage of the #leopard Thagu, a teaser, however I’m vigilant re location data for the security of the big cats.

5 March 2023 – Jack here, thanks for visiting the site. This is a short interim post, after reading it you can carry on below for more info. Our strong current focus is combatting illegal trade in leopard body parts which is surging again in South Asia. However there are deep concerns with abnormal leopard behavior in Nepal, this being linked to the prevalence of canine distemper virus (referenced in the February update HERE and including a study paper), this situation will be updated on later in the year as research and understanding continues. Combine these issues with retaliation killings after livestock kills and attacks on humans and there’s no doubt the territorial dynamics for a species running out of room anyway due to human incursions through “development” are being seriously affected. As I’ve written many times before, we’re at a critical stage with all this, a species population crash can occur very quickly but the apathy around the welfare of individual animals is very much linked to that, this is where our very humanity is in question. I’ll update properly at the end of March regarding the territory challenges, both for the species and in particular, the leopard we call Thagu. I thank those who genuinely help. I’m active at X and YouTube both using @jackkinross.